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Labour shortages caused by low pay

Low pay is making it difficult for enterprises to attract skilled labourers, Deputy director of General Vocational Training Department Duong Duc Lan told Dau Tu (Investment) newspaper.

There is an increasing shortage of skilled labour as more and more vocational training colleges are being asked to continue providing university education to vocational school graduates. What do you think?

The situation is being dismantled gradually. Vocational training schools provide about 1.75 million labourers annually.

Regarding the proposal that vocational training schools provide university education to vocational school graduates, it depends on whether their request is accepted. Facts have shown that very few colleges were approved to do so.

In my opinion, it is suitable to allow vocational school graduates to continue to university education level because it opens opportunities for hard-working people.

Though enterprises have requested vocational training schools to train labourers to meet their requirements, many enterprises are complaining that it is difficult to find skilled labourers, and that they have to spend money re-training labourers.

Enterprises send their engineers to vocational training schools who will put forth demands for skills they require. This way they build a suitable training programme.

Enterprises then have to retrain labourers when they are required to work on modern, expensive machinery and equipment. At vocational training schools, meanwhile, equipment for training is outdated because they don't have the money to buy new ones.

Training labourers depends on the requirements of enterprises. The General Vocational Training Department, for instance, has signed a contract with the Viet Nam Textile and Garment Group to provide about 60,000 labourers annually.

But why are many enterprises, especially those in industrial and export processing zones, still finding it difficult to find labourers?

The main reason is low wages, especially in industrial and export processing zones. Most enterprises pay labourers a bit higher than the minimum monthly salary of VND730,000. Also there is no support for housing, while most labourers come from the countryside. They can't accumulate money after paying for accommodation and daily expenses.

The situation will be solved when enterprises introduce a reasonable payment policy.

Source: Investment review
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