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Public debt and some implications for macro-economic in Vietnam

This article was conducted to evaluate some of the debt implications for macroeconomic stability in Vietnam. Also word Introduction, article consists of 3 parts. Part 2 focuses on assessing the public debt situation in Vietnam. Part 3 recognizes some possible implications of public debt to the macroeconomic situation. Section 4 raises a number of recommendations aimed at improving the situation of public debt, thereby reducing the required pressure on macroeconomic stability in Vietnam.

Vietnam & South Africa reach stable growth (27/6)

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) organized an exchange program under theme of “Trade relations between Vietnam and South Africa” on June 23. 

Mapping current incentives and investment in Vietnam’s transport sector: informing private climate finance

This paper describes the findings from an application of a diagnostic tool to support governments and development partners that are seeking to mobilise private finance for climate-compatible development.

Economic restructuring: One year overview

Economic restructuring centers around three pillars: (i) restructuring of investment with a focus on public investment; (ii) restructuring of state-owned enterprises (SOEs), primarily corporations and economic groups; and (iii) restructuring of banks and financial institutions, primarily commercial banks.

The role of education and training in human resource development and social equity assurance

The level of education and training as well as the accessibility to education and training opportunities are among the major determinants of social equity. Accordingly, the development of  comprehensive and accessible education for all people is a top priority in the current context.

Growth Recovery and economic restructuring: Opportunities and Challenges

In order to have suggestions on policies to stimulate economic restructuring and sustainable economic growth recovery, thanks to the support of Marcroeconomic Reform Program (GIZ), the Central institute for Economic Management organizes Forum on “Growth Recovery and economic restructuring: Opportunities and Challenges”.

Knowledge, information and economic policy-making in Vietnam

This knowledge context study presents an in depth analysis of the role of knowledge and information in economic policy-making in Vietnam.

Expenditure inequality in Vietnam between 1997-98 and 2008 and Its policy implications

This paper represents an attempt to apply the regression-based decomposition framework to the study of inequality in identifying its trends through years using the Vietnam Living Standard Surveys data in 1998, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008.

Vietnam government's compensation policies for smallholder farmers in Hatinh province after 2010 floods

Research “Vietnam Government’s Compensation Policies for Smallholder Farmers in Ha Tinh Province after 2010 Floods” is conducted by Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM). The research objectives are to understand deeply post-disaster recovery policies for the affected groups; to evaluate the equality of access to compensation measures by affected groups with a focus on smallholder farmers, then to make recommendations to improve compensation policies for smallholder farmers.

I want to be poor
Only in Vietnam, where many people wish to be considered poor forever to enjoy support policies.
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Seminar on “Enhancing research capacity through information access and exchange – the role of Vietnam Economic Portal (VNEP)” ( on Thursday, 19 August, 2010
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