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Minister says public debt control more effective
Public debts are being managed more effectively in terms of growth of outstanding loans, loan terms, borrowers and efficiency in the use of loans, Minister of Finance Dinh Tien Dung said before the National Assembly (NA) last week. Replying to NA deputies’ queries, he said the growth of public debts ...
Vietnam’s economy maintains positive growth momentum: financial supervision commission
Delta calls for VND150 trillion investment in tourism and infrastructure
Sci-tech enterprise development lacks effective policy (21/11)
Vietnam should cut down FDI incentives in favor of local companies: MP
Vietnamese state firms sitting on mountain of rising debt
Three breakthroughs for the implementation of socio-economic development strategy
Top three changes of the new enterprise law december 2014
Institutional reforms in 2014
Government juggling hot policy issues
Human resource
Motivated by money (06/01)
Labour shortages caused by low pay
To what extent can management practices be transferred between countries? The case of human resource management in Vietnam.
Addressing the Bottlenecks: Towards an Effective Mechanism for Financing Infrastructure
Rural Roads and Local Market Development in Vietnam
Funding the future
Sustainable Development
Mapping current incentives and investment in Vietnam’s transport sector: informing private climate finance

This paper describes the findings from an application of a diagnostic tool to support governments and development partners that are seeking to mobilise private finance for climate-compatible development.

Economic restructuring: One year overview
The role of education and training in human resource development and social equity assurance
Vietnam government's compensation policies for smallholder farmers in Hatinh province after 2010 floods
Beyond Investment-led Growth
Industrialization and Modernization
Efficiency and competitiveness of the private sector in Vietnam

The private sector has increasingly played an important role in the economic development of Vietnam. In the period from 2005 to 2009, the GDP average annual growth rate of the formal private sector was 13.87%, much higher than the rate of 7.83% for the whole economy. However, the important contribution of private sector to the economy was though recognized, there are still debates and even critics over the relatively low level of productivity and competitiveness of the private sector.

Expectations for industrial production in the rest of 2012
Application of science and technology in socio- economic development
Capturing the Wealth from Vietnam’s Energy Resources
Structures in rural and agricultural sertors
Moneytary Policy
A Macro-Model Approach to Monetary Policy Analysis and Forecasting for Vietnam

Monetary policy in Vietnam is anchored around exchange rate stability as the intermediate target to achieve price stability. Specifically, the authorities maintain the dong closely linked to the U.S. dollar. In recent years, Vietnam’s need for  accommodative monetary conditions has coincided with exceptionally easy monetary policy in the U.S. Going forward the balancing act of maintaining a close link to the U.S. dollar and implementing monetary policy appropriate for Vietnam is going to be more difficult.

Bad debt settlement - critical issues in bank restructuring in Vietnam
Public investment, public debt and state budget sustainability
Issues of monterary market
Loosened monetary policy bankrolls credits
Development of Markets
Vietnam's real estate market - problems and solutions
SUMMARY I. Overview of real estate market The real estate market is considered as one of markets playing the important position and role in the national economy, having direct connections with monetary financial market, construction market, building materials market, labour market…Developing ...
The importance of developing the domestic consumption market
Promoting and improving the effectiveness of Vietnam securities market
IT prosperity stifled by labor shortage
Tourism industry needs better coordination
International Economic Integration
Comprehensive evaluation of Vietnam's Socio-economic performance five years after the accession to the World Trade Organization

This book adopts the contents of the Report on “Comprehensive Evaluation of Vietnam’s Socio-economic Performance Five Years after the accession to the World Trade Organization” prepared by the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) to fulfil the task assigned by theo Government to the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI). The prepararation of the Report and the publication of this Book received financial an technical supports from the Project “Comprehensive Evaluation of Vietnam’s Socio-economic Performance Five Years after the accession to the World Trade Organization”, funded by the Beyond WTO Program.


RIN statement on the WTO
Impact asessment of free trade agreement on Vietnam's Economy
Comprehensive evaluation of Vietnam’s socio-economic performance five years after the accession to the World Trade Organization
Attracting and using ODA, FDI and FII effectively
Development of Enterprises
Top three changes of the new enterprise law december 2014

The contents of this document do not constitute legal advice and do not necessarily reflec the opinions of our firm or any of our attorneys or consultants. The document provides general information, which may or may not be correct, complete or current at the time  of reading. The contents are not intended to be used as a substitute for specific legal advice or opinions. Please seek appropriate legal advice or other professional counseling for any specific issues you may have. We expressly disclaim all liabilities relating to actions taken or not taken based on any or all content of this document

Vietnam's Small and Medium Sized Entrerprises Development: Characteristics, Contraints and Policy Recommendations
Social enterprise takes smart products to rural poor
Restructuring of state owned enterprises and the seperation of state ownership funtions and management funtions to state owned enterprise
Asignment and decentralization of management of SOES: Status, problems, causes and recommended actions
Administration Reform
Strengthening the effectiveness of applying regulatory impacts assessment (RIA) in Vietnam

RIA will be a good tool for the establishment of legal policies, clearly determining which objectives need to be met in order to minimize undesirable impacts. This ensures the adequacy of the means in applying legal tools and policies to the ends of such size.

Red tape strangles ailing craft villages
To enhance state management capacity of governmental bodies and bureaucrats, and business capacity of entrepreneurs
Institutional reform in Vietnam: From the perspective of determining the accountability
Administration reforms in Vietnam
Vietnam's socio-economic situation - Happenings and comments
Overview of Vietnam's Economy 2010
No.05 - 2010
No.04 - 2010
No.03 - 2010
Workshop on the Vietnamese SME sector: Main results of three in-depth studies
Top 10 GDP Countries 2000-2050
The world population in 100 years (1950-2050)
Characteristics of the Vietnamese business environment evidence from a SME servey in 2005
Characteristics of the Vietnamese rural economy: Evidence from a 2006 rural household servey in 12 provinces of Vietnam
New Legal Documents
Analysts ask for changes in Securities Law
The implementation process of Vietnam's Enterprise Law and Investment Law from perspective regulatory reforms
Legal Adviser
Decree eliminates permits, clarifies Law on Enterprises
New law on compensation will help citizens exercise their rights
Official reports
Report on the state of women in urban local government - Vietnam
Gov’t reports on first half socio-economic plan
Vietnam's economic and social statistic data in the first quarter of 2005
External views
TheWorld in 2050: The accelerating shift of global economic power - challenges and opportunities
Purse strings set to loosen in 2011 (07/3)
ADB meeting to showcase Vietnam’s development
Vietnam - Country risk service: July 2010
Vietnam - Country report: July 2010
State capital divestments from big firms discussed (01/9)
Minister calls for climate response
NA pass resolution on national target programmes for 2016-2020
Regulations govern investment supervision, evaluation
New Publication and Services
Seminar on “Enhancing research capacity through information access and exchange – the role of Vietnam Economic Portal (VNEP)” ( on Thursday, 19 August, 2010
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