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Minister calls for climate response
Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Trần Hồng Hà said Việt Nam needs to shift its development model, which is based on low labour costs and natural resources, to a clean and environmentally-friendly model to prepare for the Paris Agreement’s implementation.

Speaking to Vietnam News Agency on the sidelines of the Paris Agreement signing ceremony in New York last Friday, Minister Hà said that although the agreement will take affect after 2020, it is already opening opportunities for countries, including Việt Nam.

He called on all countries to exert strong efforts and ambitious plans to implement their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) as part of the agreement.

He stressed that responding to climate change is an urgent task for the Vietnamese Government and people, noting that Việt Nam is one of the developing countries most vulnerable to climate change and its impacts.

Minister Hà also pointed out the challenges and suggested forming a sustainable production model and better consumption habits to save natural resources. He called for the adoption of the law on climate change, incentives for investors to fund projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and proactive adaptation to climate change.

He said Việt Nam should consider a low-carbon growth model as a solution for Việt Nam’s development to avoid the middle income trap.

Second, the country must review its mechanisms and policies based on the content of the agreement, then amend and promulgate mechanisms and policies to respond to climate change in line with newly-formed rules on a global scale, he said. He also added that in the long-term, it is essential to legalise binding provisions of the agreement on the policies and laws of Việt Nam in order to enact a climate change law.

He also noted the importance of the development of human resources, scientific research and technological development to transform models of growth, production and consumption towards low carbon emissions.

He said it was time to develop internal resources, take advantage of international support for the implementation of Việt Nam’s commitments and transform the growth model.

Hà added that certain challenges lie ahead for Việt Nam, including the deep-rooted habit of using high-carbon energy sources.

Thus, it’s of great importance that a change in behaviours and lifestyles within the community is encouraged in conjunction with the low-carbon growth model.

Hà said after the signing ceremony that the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will coordinate closely with ministries, branches and localities to complete the legal procedures for approval of the agreement and develop a roadmap for its implementation, including plans to adapt to climate change consistent with United Nations guidelines.

Strategies, programmes and plans in response to climate change - such as the national strategy and action plan on climate change and strategy and action plan for green growth - will be implemented effectively, he said.

Source: VNS

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Minister calls for climate response
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