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The Role of the Private Sector in Vocational and Educational Training
This Policy Paper analyses the vocational education and training (VET) system in four selected countries – namely India, the Republic of Korea, South Africa, and Vietnam. The need for adequately skilled persons is rising in all four countries. And all four countries have identified the VET system – in cooperation with the private sector – as a key actor to provide such skills. In consequence, all four countries have developed individual and apposite measures to strengthen their VET systems. Even though the four countries are very different in terms of their starting points and their demographic, economic and institutional framework conditions, they all face the same challenge: designing a VET system that makes the country future-proof. On the one hand, such a VET system skills young persons for the labour market and improves their employment prospects. On the other hand, teaching the right skills is a key necessity for a sustainable growth strategy for the economy as a whole and for reacting to current challenges like the ongoing digitalisation of the economy. Since in Germany the German dual training system has a long tradition, it is also introduced as a reference model.
The importance of developing the domestic consumption market
Vietnam's real estate market - problems and solutions
Businesses ‘unfamiliar’ with slashing prices: expert
Commodity prices have been staying very high in comparison with people’s incomes. Businesses cannot sell commodities, but are determined not to slash sale prices to clear stocks and minimise losses. Vu Dinh Anh, Deputy Head of the Market and Price Research Institute under the Ministry of Finance, talked to VietNamNet about the behaviour of Vietnamese businesses in the context of the high commodity prices and slow sales.
Property game’s snakes ‘n’ ladders
When property prices peaked, inexperienced investors with little savings or investment capital were desperate to join the party, writes Tang Trien. But many people have learnt that it's not always so straightforward with bricks and mortar
Mekong River Delta: Key wholesale markets idle
Key wholesale markets still do not play an important role in the distribution system and help stabilise the market, as they were designed to do, since a lot of them are sitting idle.
Distribution market to be swallowed by foreign retailers?
Optimistic experts believe that the answer to the question of whether foreign retail groups will dominate the domestic market or not does not lie in the fact that Vietnam has to open its market, but in other factors like the habits of consumers and awareness of state management agencies.
Foreign retailers use franchises for early foot in VN door
The retail rush is on as foreign supermarket chains scramble for early entry in the Vietnamese market by opening many franchises.
Property transactions through centres still wanting legal foundation
Real estate companies will have to conduct property transactions through real estate trading centres. Associate Prof Dr Hoang Van Cuong, Dean of the Real Estate Faculty under Hanoi Economics University, talks about this.
Promoting and improving the effectiveness of Vietnam securities market
The securities market is considered a center of the modern corporate economy nowadays. In the developed economies, securities markets have established more than 100 years ago and have become an important part of the socio-economic life. An effective securities market will create many opportunities for the people to invest their savings as well as facilitate to mobilize domestic and foreign capitals to provide funds to well-done enterprises. Almost countries in transition from central planning economies to the market ones have established securities market as a channel to mobilize efficiently capitals for the enterprises. In the renovation process of the market oriented economy, securities market in Viet Nam also has been established and developed in the last decade.
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